Cambridge Relocations

With world class facilities it comes as no surprise that the volume of Cambridge relocations continues to rise. Relocating to Cambridge can provide a variety of opportunities to almost any business. A worldwide famous city, Cambridge is recognised for its beautiful and reputable colleges, university grounds and buildings. The increasing number of Cambridge relocations is understandable and makes perfect sense from a business perspective as many towns in the UK continue to suffer under the economic pressures Cambridge’s economy is still growing.

The cities employment has remained stable over recent years, by comparison to other UK cities, even striving in some sectors, particularly the technology industry which continues to be at the forefront of Cambridge’s economy. The ever growing Cambridge Science Park is home to 100 businesses and continues to attract more and more businesses each year, helping to expand the centres global recognition. The Science Park is one of the biggest employers in Cambridge with over 5,000 employees, followed by Marshall Aerospace with approximately 3,500 employees. The tourist sector is host to the most employees with 6,500 workers striving to expand the industry, and attracting worldwide visitors to the City. In 2012 Microsoft Research relocated to Cambridge and in early 2013 AstraZeneca have confirmed plans to relocate 3000 employees to the city.

Many companies have already recognised the potential that Cambridge offers, including Philips who in 2008 relocated their research subsidiary from their base of over 60 years in Redhill to take a place in the Cambridge Science Park, stating that the city offers “an ecosystem where our work can really flourish”. Computer operating system giants Microsoft hope to emulate Philips’ success as they relocate staff from all over the world, making Cambridge their new European headquarters.

The employment prospects that Cambridge offers help to attract many homeowners, reflected in the increasing demand for the cities properties and resulting in rising house prices. In 2012 alone Cambridge house prices rose on average by 6%, with Edwardian and Victorian properties achieving especially high prices. Due to the shortage of stock within the City, buyers are looking to buy in nearby villages such as Ely and Newmarket with just a short commute by train into Cambridge.

As well as offering impressive employment opportunities, Cambridge’s schooling system is one of the most notable in the UK, for those relocating with children there’s a multitude of options available. Along with leading independent schools such as The Perse and The Leys, Cambridge is also home to some of the country’s top state schools including Hills Road Sixth Form, one of the most consistent suppliers of Oxbridge schools.

With London house prices reaching record highs many people relocating are looking at prospects of living outside of the Capital. The efficient commute, global recognition and high living standards are expanding Cambridge’s reputation and attracting many relocating individuals. With the world class University, one of the UK’s top teaching hospitals, and excellent schooling, Cambridge has remained secure throughout the tough economic times and continues to grow.

Finding the right business location in Cambridge could be incredibly beneficial for a company looking to join an advanced economic environment, particularly technology based companies. Accent Relocation guide businesses and their employees through each step of the relocation process. Understanding that each client’s specific needs and goals are different, Accent Relocation offer a wide range of relocation services and can create bespoke packages to match any business or assignee requirements. The following relocation services are regularly included in our complete relocation package:

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In order to guarantee that clients receive the best relocation services in each individual assignment and that relocating employees are effectively introduced and welcomed to their new home, Accent Relocation aim to go above and beyond the call of duty and are dedicated to providing the best possible service.

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