Family Relocation – accompanying a partner relocating to the UK

Family relocation can be a challenging process for an Assignee when moving to the UK. Often, professionals relocating to the UK are not moving alone; family members and partners are making the transition too. When relocating with family, it is important to find work, discover and keep to hobbies and gradually create a new social circle, whilst staying in touch with companions from home. These are factors that will help everyone to adapt and create a new lifestyle that ensures the transition is as smooth and satisfactory as possible.

Finding employment that matches ones passions and goals can be a great challenge whatever country one searches in. One of the most essential components is having an open mind, searching for opportunities in different fields and interacting with others in the early stages of the move, as this can form a social circle early on, as well as creating potential prospects for working life.

Whilst the choice of opportunities is more restricted in the current economic climate, there are still job vacancies. As in many countries, there are industries with numerous roles to choose from; Garrington Relocation has seen partners becoming anything from authors, to getting an MBA, to starting a new business. Although some spouses will search for work in a new field, others will want to remain in a similar working environment. Networking is key to sourcing these opportunities, communicating with employers before leaving a job can be essential to finding a similar, if not the same as before. Additionally, there are many businesses that require support online; from solicitors firms to marketing and PR companies, with the advantage being that many offer the flexibility of working from home.

Voluntary work and helping out at social clubs, perusing hobbies or helping at the children’s school and in local communities has also proved rewarding for many of Garrington Relocation’s Assignees’ partners, aiding them to connect with their new environment.

How to find work opportunities

There are new jobs advertised each day, whether they are suitable or not, applying for jobs early on in the relocation can help one get used to the UK employment process. Garrington Relocation recommends using local or national newspapers and online job websites, such as Jobsite, to keep up to date with job opportunities as these are seen to be the most reliable and suitable resources.

An interesting volunteering website is, which offers a range of opportunities and provides the ability to learn about new areas that one wouldn’t normally consider, such as writing, to local politics. Joining a group, for example a choir, book club or taking language courses, is a great way to get to know local people and build a network.

Garrington Relocation support

In some cases our search consultants can introduce a partner to other relocated families who live close by, perhaps those that have children of a similar age or speak the same language. It can be priceless for Assignees to meet others that have relocated to and know a neighbourhood and who already have a circle of friends. Just recently Garrington Relocation introduced a Brazilian family to a network of Portuguese speakers that were similarly relocated to London, this was especially successful as the Assignee’s wife spoke very little English. This is the specialist service that Garrington Relocation aims to provide for each and every Assignee, ensuring that the relocation process is a success for the whole family.

For more information about how we can help you and your family relocate to the UK, contact Garrington Relocation.

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