Relocating from Perth to London

The Brief

Accent Relocation’s global contacts were used to their peak potential by reaching across the world to a worldwide corporation with offices in Australia. Our first relocation for the company included an Assignee who was being relocated from Perth to London.

The couple were eager to live in the heart of London to be able to enjoy all the local amenities on their doorstep. They wanted to experience a vibrant and fast pace of life, with no more than a 30 minute commute to work, or preferably within walking distance from the office.

With a budget of £2,500 per calendar month and few requirements other than a preference of high-specification properties, the search was wide open to Accent Relocation.

The Process

As the Assignee had visited the UK only once briefly, it was paramount that we gave the Assignee as much as information as possible about London by sending a location report that detailed office locations, commute times and transport links. Providing information on the current property market in London would help the Assignee and his wife to manage their expectations on the size, price and location of properties available, as well as giving them an understanding of the rental process in the UK.

Following many detailed discussions with the Assignee in Australia, we were able to guide them from looking at 2 bedroom properties to higher specification 1 bedroom properties that were more in keeping with the style that they desired.

Specific information, such as locations, type of property and the couple’s priorities were discussed, enabling Accent Relocation to provide a tailored home search document. In addition to this, the document provided information identifying aspects of British life that were thought to suit the couple’s needs; social scenes, bars and restaurants, and areas suitable to the couples hobby of cycling.

The Orientation tour and Home Search

Initially Garrington Relocation identified 6 neighbourhoods in London, including Notting Hill, Chelsea and Hampstead that were suitable to the couple’s requirements.

Properties were viewed and the Assignee was educated on the pros and cons of each area. The Assignee chose Westminster as his favourite location as the area offers many historical landmarks and museums to visit and it allowed for a pleasant walk to work.

Accent Relocation recommended that a short list of properties was chosen to narrow down the search and enable the Search Consultant to embark on a more thorough research into the specific location. It wasn’t long before the Search Consultant had found the couple their perfect property in Westminster which the Search consultant had successfully negotiated to include all bills and utilities.


Accent Relocation ensured that there was regular contact with the Assignee, their brief was followed up in detail and that they dealt with all negotiation and further paper progression with the estate agent to ensure a smooth move for the Assignee.