Moving to the UK – international relocation

International Relocation must be approached sensitively, transferring from one country to another can be a daunting prospect for an Assignee, especially if there are vast differences in culture, language and setting. When moving to the UK, whether short-term or long-term, individuals need to be positive that they are entrusting the right relocation team to support and guide them through the process.

Garrington Relocation recognises that unlike moving from region to region in one country, moving into a new one can often pose very specific, and in some cases hidden, obstacles to overcome. On top of obtaining the relevant paperwork to gain access into the UK, relocating employees will have to deal with the culture shock, lifestyle change and language barriers. If the transition is not a smooth one, it can have a negative effect on their mental wellbeing. This is why obtaining the support of an experienced relocation professional can be invaluable, as they will be able to guide Assignees through every step and make the transition as pain free as possible.

Our team of experts have found that each relocation assignment presents a completely different set of complications, this is why it is important for relocation agents to offer various services and create bespoke packages that adapt to each Assignee’s specific requirements.

First and foremost it is important that your relocation agent appreciates your exact requirements, finding one that is understanding and easy to speak to will increase the chances of this happening. By communicating and striking a relationship with the professional in charge of finding your temporary accommodation, they will gather a comprehensive understanding of your needs, wants and personal preferences and stand a fighting chance at finding an exact match.

Once a detailed brief is outlined, the relocation agent is then able to begin the search, tailoring it to match any individual needs. Essential everyday amenities such as supermarkets, post offices, schooling and transport links are researched in detail, allowing the Assignee to make an informed decision as to whether they will be comfortable living in their new neighbourhood.

By working with clients from all around the world, our relocation team have developed unrivalled experience dealing with international relocation, and those moving to the UK will certainly benefit from the in-depth knowledge gained. It is crucial that the international journey the Assignee embarks upon is personalised, well thought through and extremely detailed.

Contact us to learn more about the assistance that Garrington Relocation can provide clients whilst moving to the UK.

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