Relocation maze – UK Education remains key

Sourcing education is paramount for families when moving to a new country and is crucial to settling into a new environment. Leonia Newman, Global mobility expert for Garrington Relocation, shares her thoughts.

In recent times, with the pressures from the Eurozone, the UK economy has seen unstable conditions. However, British schools seem to have been exempt from the strains and are as secure as ever with recruitment levels thriving.

The British Education System has a reputation of excellence, emphasised by the fact that more than 2,000 schools outside of Britain now teach parts of the English National Curriculum, recent research from the Independent School Council (ISC) highlighted. This would prepare international students for studying at GCSE or A-level if they were to transfer to the UK at any point, benefiting greatly those families that are often relocated, also facilitating easy progression to university.

Independent schools in Britain offer a reputable service to both British Nationals and foreign students. An option within the Independent School sector is boarding schools. Whilst boarding schools have received a certain level of criticism in the past and hold the highest fees within the UK independent school category, they have experienced a significant increase in applicant numbers. Boarding schools have recognised the need to have an international stance in the market and for the requirement of outstanding pastoral care to attract relocating families.

Offering the International Baccalaureate, a growing programme, alongside the English National Curriculum is also a significant step for independent schooling. The Baccalaureate appeals to the international market by representing a global student body and easing the transition to the UK schooling system. With a growing number of industries becoming worldwide, an international base at school level will prepare students for a global environment they are likely to find themselves in at a later stage in life.

Outside the Independent School sector, the UK school system is continuing to grow. It has been announced recently that 102 Free Schools are to be opened in 2013. David Cameron supports the scheme and insists that increasing competition within the schooling sector will “…drive up standards across the system”. Free schools are run by teachers, parents and local business groups that are keen to improve and increase the amount of good schooling in their local areas. The scheme of Free Schooling aims to transform the education system within the UK, offering alternatives to independent and state run schooling.

The education system within the UK offers a range of schooling, allowing relocating families the power to choose the best option to suit them. Following research and analysis, with the help of global mobility experts, a family can be reassured that they have made the right decision in relocating to the UK and are confident in the UK education they have chosen.

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