Accent Relocation is one of the best known and respected brands in the professional and international relocation industry. From its inception, the company has established a reputation for an assignee focused, logical approach to relocation, and is now seen as one of the leading companies of its type in the UK. With a reputation for acting as a trusted relocation advisor, we have the necessary skills and market intelligence to succeed with even the most obscure relocation requirements.

Our people and our professionalism give us that intangible “something” that sets us apart from the growing industry crowd, and in turn, sets our assignees apart from others.

Accent Relocation brings together the most experienced relocation consultants in the UK; we offer hundreds of years of combined knowledge and expertise

We understand that each of our assignees are unique and so are their relocation requirements. Accordingly we spend time in ensuring we deliver high end results

Our passion and motivation is in understanding and delivering upon our assignee's relocation requirements. Learn more about how we have gone above and beyond exceeding expectations

We listen to needs of our assignees and provide a service that aims to meet all requirements

Garrington Relocation are full, accredited members of ARP, EURA and the Property Ombudsman. In depth details of our professional members and company information can be found here

If you would like to discuss our upcoming or current career opportunities within Garrington Relocation, please do get in contact

With Garrington Relocation's high standards and industry experience, we are able to deliver corporate and personal relocation solutions to all people and businesses of differing sizes, industry sectors and varying requirements