UK Relocation Services

Accent Relocation provides an extensive range of relocation services for clients wishing to move to the UK or who are considering an international relocation.

Relocation services are tailored to each client and their individual corporate relocation strategy and policy. We take time to fully understand and identify the most appropriate solution to a client’s needs and goals.

Typically relocation services are integrated into a relocation package which is influenced by the specific needs of each assignment, employee profile and relocation allowance.

We go the extra mile to ensure that the right relocation services are included in each assignment and that relocating employees are given the best welcome and introduction to their new way of life.

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Relocation services

Relocation services

The following relocation services are frequently incorporated as part of an overall relocation package:

  • Area orientation tours
  • Temporary corporate accommodation
  • Home search
  • Settling in services
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Complex and Unique Assignments

Complex and Unique Assignments

For more complex and unique assignments we are able to further personalise a relocation package by including the following relocation services:

  • School search
  • Cross cultural awareness programmes
  • Property sale management services
  • Cost disparity reporting
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