Education Consultants

When families are relocating, the service of an education consultant is frequently one of the first elements to be considered as part of a wider relocation programme.

Accent provide a UK education and school search service utilising the expert skill and knowledge of trusted education consultants who are specialists in this field.

Accent Relocation has partnered with some of the UK’s leading education consultants to help each individual child settle and enjoy a new school as part of a family relocation. Our education consultancy service offers objective and detailed advice on differences in curriculums and systems, both within the UK and from other countries.

Beyond identifying the most appropriate school our educational consultants can also provide further support and guidance for niche requirements such as coaching and special educational needs.

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Our Education Consultants

Our Education Consultants

Our education consultants have an encyclopaedic knowledge of international schools, UK universities, state and private schools across London and the whole of the UK. They discuss complicated admissions processes, help to identify suitable schools for each child and provide practical assistance to help secure places.

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Education Consultancy Service

Education Consultancy Service

Our educational consultancy services include:

  • Overview information of the UK educational system and the relative differences between international educational systems and the UK
  • Evaluation and analysis of each individual child’s needs
  • Detailed information on different types of schooling option that best fit a child’s requirements
  • Explanation of each schools admission process and charging structure (where applicable)
  • Organise an itinerary of inspection visit to each school identified as being of interest
  • Following inspection tours of each schools provide assistance with the application process for the school identified as being of greatest interest
How can we assist you?