City Relocation Guides

Accent Relocation offer relocation services across the UK.

The following city overview guides provide general information regarding different cities in the UK for companies contemplating relocating or indeed for the Assignee being moved to a new location.

For family relocators, Aberdeen has top class schools with an incredible reputation. This location also has excellent business facilities in the oil and gas sector, causing relocation demand to be high

Birmingham, a cosmopolitan city, offers a wide array of opportunities and has always been at the forefront of the UK’s economy. For businesses, Birmingham is an incredibly popular city both appealing and financially viable

Bath relocation has often been a popular choice for businesses as the city’s ever evolving economy has seen companies from various industries advance dramatically. For employees, Bath has plenty of places to visit, from Roman baths to the Jane Austin centre and a selection of museums

One of the UK’s most culturally refined city’s; with easy access to both London and Portsmouth, Brighton remains a popular choice for those looking for a dynamic and lively business/home lifestyle. Those relocating to Brighton are often spoilt for choice because of the superb residential housing for assignees and a commercially solid business infrastructure for companies

Lying within the heart of Wales, with easy access across the border into England, Cardiff is a hub of culture; the mixture of history and contemporary aspects of the city provide both companies and assignees a truly unique work/life balance

Bristol, or rather the ‘gateway to the west country’, provides companies and employees with a wide array of opportunities. With easy access to Cornwall, Devon and Somerset as well as a short two-hour commute to London. Bristol is an ideal location for companies and employees looking for close commuter hotspots

Chelmsford’s varying residential areas, alongside this, means that employees are able to find their ideal dwellings. Situated in a popular commuter built with trains to London taking as little as 30 minutes, it’s of no surprise that Chelmsford is becoming a popular relocation choice

For those considering a relocation to Exeter, the cathedral city offers opportunities to both businesses and employees. For employees with various lifestyle requirements, Exeter has a diverse housing range which means that anyone can be accommodated for. For companies Exeter’s economy has performed better than most other UK cities, causing a significant drive for those who chose to relocate here

Relocating to Cambridge can provide a wealth of opportunities to both assignee and businesses. A well renowned city, Cambridge has beautiful colleges, university grounds and buildings For those who are relocating with family, Cambridge’s schooling system is one of the most notable in the UK, with a multitude of options available.

A Leeds relocation is an intelligent decision for a company and its staff. The city could create opportunities for businesses aspiring to grow nationally and its locational position means that it provides easy access to all major cities in the North of England. For the employee wishing to reside in the city centre, but remain close to transport facilities, there are several areas around Leeds that can provide for these requirements

Surrounded by stunning countryside and located within the ‘Garden of England’, Tunbridge Wells (in Kent), provides a fantastic setting for a relocating company or assignee. A hot pick amongst businesses due to the short 35-mile trip to London, and attractive to employees looking for a high living standard, Tunbridge Wells has become increasingly popular for relocation

For those considering a relocation to Edinburgh, the city has developed an impressive reputation, particularly in the financial sector. With stunning skyline and classical columns and spires, Scotland’s capital city is widely considered to be amongst the greatest for relocation in Europe

Already York has benefitted from a large number of companies relocating to its area, some from strong commercial sectors such as IT, health, education and financial services. For relocating employees, York offers spacious living, with secluded villages for those who wish to enjoy a quieter way of life

Guildford is a location that has the ability to accommodate companies and employees from varying industries. Guildford is already home to a range of international companies such as Philips, Ericsson and Colgate-Palmolive. For the employee, Guildford is surrounded by a number of pleasant villages and residential area, all of which provide peace and tranquility

Manchester, a vibrant cosmopolitan city, with an expanding reputation for a number of industry leaders, is a popular choice for relocation requirements. Not only a top pick for companies, employees will be able to enjoy the lively city centre, and can even escape to the suburbs of the city which opens up to the wide beautiful landscape in the countryside

A city with a reputation for well-established financial services and insurance companies, Norwich is a beacon for those looking to find a distinctive location with numerous opportunities. Norwich also hosts a multitude of excellent residential areas, most of which are framed around the Golden Triangle and Riverside

For those wishing to relocate to Oxford, this university town has one of the most advanced and sophisticated business locations in the UK. With outstanding facilities both companies and employees are not short of opportunities when searching within specific relocation requirements

Reading relocation provides an excellent alternative for those looking to move within striking distance from London. Only an hour away from London this city is perfect for those looking for a close commute and a spacious retreat in one of the quieter suburbs