Relocation to Edinburgh

For companies considering a Relocation to Edinburgh, the city that has developed an impressive reputation for financial services can provide the ideal location for a business and its employees. With a breathtaking skyline decorated with classical columns and spires and adorned with the magnificent Edinburgh Castle which towers over the city and deservedly dominates the view, Scotland’s capital city is widely considered to be amongst the greatest in Europe. Edinburgh relocation could be incredibly beneficial for a business, its vibrant charm and rich history combined with excellent international transport facilities and prosperous business areas put Edinburgh at the heart of an economically strong city district, making relocating to Edinburgh a sound investment for any businesses.

With an economy that is primarily centered around financial services and banking, Edinburgh consistently attracts new businesses. Since Tesco Bank announced its headquarters were to open in Edinburgh the company has flourished endlessly, opening branches across the UK and increasing its revenue to over £700 million. Aspiring to replicate Tesco Bank’s success, Virgin Money announced they were relocating their headquarters to Edinburgh in 2011, believing it was the perfect location for a growing company as it provided a central location with excellent transport links.

More than just a city where commerce prevails, the list of opportunities that Edinburgh presents relocating employees is endless, boasting some of the UK’s finest schools such as Merchiston Castle and St George’s, as well as an array of transport and shipping facilities, including a sea port, major train station and international airport, Edinburgh is an accessible city with an affluent reputation. There’s an abundance of things to do within the city itself, without forgetting events such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Hogmanay, which consistently attract a wealth of visitors and commerce to the city, attractions such The Royal Mile and the National Museum of Scotland along with world heritage sites including the Palace of Holyroodhouse can be enjoyed by both visitors and inhabitants alike, whilst a multitude of shops, bars and restaurants as well as an exciting nightlife ensure that residents are never stuck for things to do. This beautiful city also provides easy access to a multitude of national parks and peaceful countryside including the Pentland Hills and Loch Lomond and the Trossachs, one of the UK’s largest and most unique natural landscapes, these combined with a large number of public parks and gardens within Edinburgh itself offer a release from the pressures of city life.

For employees looking for accommodation, Edinburgh has a wide variety of residential areas providing suitable accommodation to match any search criteria, including Stock Bridge, Leith, Newington and Colinton. These districts, along with many more, form the collection of small communities, each with its own charming character, that combine with the bustling city centre to make Edinburgh the vibrant and diverse city that it has become. Whether employees are looking for a spacious suburban home or an elegant town house in the city centre, Edinburgh has the ability to provide the perfect home.

Edinburgh relocation provides businesses with a professional setting that will unveil an array of opportunities, particularly for companies working within the business and financial service industries. Relocating to Edinburgh could be extremely advantageous, providing the correct location is found, Accent Relocation can ensure that the correct services and procedures are in place, guaranteeing that the best decisions are being made on behalf of a company and its employees. As there are almost always varying requirements when it comes to relocating a business, Accent Relocation offer an array of relocation services and can create bespoke packages to suit different needs. The following relocation services are frequently included in our inclusive relocation package:

To better suit more specific needs we are also able to further personalise relocation packages by offering the following services:

Accent Relocation are dedicated to providing the best possible service for every client, ensuring that the most appropriate relocation packages are offered, we work tirelessly to assure that relocating employees are introduced and welcomed to their new home.

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