Relocation to York

As one of the oldest cities in the UK, with over two thousand years of rich heritage and a historically strong economy, a relocation to York could be an intelligent solution for ambitious businesses. York Relocation has been incredibly beneficial for a large number of companies, the city’s historical significance has made it one of the nation’s most popular tourist destinations, resulting in a thriving tourist sector that accounts for a large proportion of the local economy, whilst other strong commercial sectors include the IT industry as well as health, education and financial services. Relocating to York would not only place a business in a commercially secure area, the city is also within striking distance of other major cities such as Leeds, Manchester and Hull.

Although York has been well populated for centuries, the city’s economy really grew to prominence during the industrial revolution, the introduction of the railways and the large number of manufacturers arising in the city projected York to the forefront of the local economy. Whilst over recent years the city has seen a decline in the number of factories, York’s economy continues to outperform most other areas in the UK, heavily serviced based, a large number of locally based companies have been successful over recent years. Companies that have already experienced the opportunities that York provides include Best Western, the UK’s largest independently owned hotel chain, and house building giants Persimmon, both of which use York as their headquarters.

For professionals relocating with children, schooling is often a concern, however York has a large variation of educational establishments available. The city is adept with reputable independent schools including St Peter’s and Bootham School as well as accomplished state schools such as Archbishop Holgate’s and Fulford School, meaning that children with any requirements can be accommodated. In terms of accessibility, York has a lot to offer, the city once famed for its railway and local rail based businesses has one of the most important train stations in the UK, providing regular connections to a huge amount of major cities including Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester and Edinburgh, as well as regular trains to London which take roughly two hours.

Whether relocating employees want to live in spacious, secluded villages, enjoy the simplicity of inner city living or find something in between, York has a great deal of residential options available. Attractive townhouses in the city centre are plentiful in the Mount and Bootham areas, peaceful, spacious residential areas can be supplied in the suburbs such as Wiggington and Strensall without being too far detached from the city centre, whilst areas such as Heworth and AppleTree Village offer more expansive rural living. Regardless of unique search briefs, York is sure to supply relocating employees with an ideal location for living in.

York has the ability to provide companies working within any industry with a professional location that allows for growth. In order to help companies and staff relocate to York, Accent Relocation’s experienced relocation professionals offer objective guidance throughout the whole relocation process to ensure that the right decisions are being made on behalf of your business and its employees. Businesses are bound to have individual requirements when it comes to relocating and Accent Relocation offer an array of services to match any criteria. Services that are frequently incorporated into our inclusive York relocation packages include:

In cases in which companies have more challenging search requirements, Accent are able to accommodate specific needs by offering the following services:

Understanding the value of exceptional customer service, Accent Relocation are dedicated to exceeding expectations and ensuring that all clients receive the most appropriate relocation services and that relocating employees are familiarised and greeted into their new way of life.

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