UK Relocation Area Guides

Accent Relocation offer relocation services across the UK. The country offers a rich and diverse make up of regions, local economies lifestyles and landscapes.

The following area overview guides provide general information regarding different regions in the UK for companies contemplating relocating or indeed for the Assignee being moved to a new location.

How can we assist you?

Our relocation consultants will advise and guide you on relocating to one of the worlds most culturally diverse cities. Each area of London has it's own distinct characteristic and there are a multitude of relocation options available to both assignee and corporate client

Garrington Relocation can assist you in relocating to this vibrant and thriving location. With an array of industry sectors and access to beautiful countryside and wide open spaces, its easy to see why East Anglia is becoming a popular destination for both assignee and corporate client

Home to skilled laborers and superior transport connections, the South West is the ideal location for those Corporate clients looking to move to Bristol, Exeter, Cardiff or Bath. With stunning countryside and beautiful coastlines there is appeal for the relocating assignee too

A relocation to Northern Ireland has never been easier. With marine transport links to Liverpool Docklands and a flight time from London of just an hour, it's not surprising to see many wanting to relocate here

The East Midlands has an appealing mix of beautiful countryside, pretty property and good transport links. Offering a variety of ways in which to live, this location is a top pick for many relocator's

As the 'Heart of England' the Central region offers a rich heritage found within the towns and cities architecture and ancient buildings. An ideal location for those looking for a different kind of relocation

People looking at a North East relocation are usually attracted by the regions City and Country lifestyle. The West of this area, Leeds, has a cluster of finance and banking businesses, attracting those who are looking to be part of one of the biggest finance centers outside of London

Those consider a South East relocation are often looking for somewhere in the countryside, yet close proximity to London. The South East is popular for Industries like IT and the NHS, two of which are the biggest providers to the region. An ideal relocation for those looking for a mixture of both worlds

For the assignee relocating to the North West, picturesque counties of Cheshire, Derbyshire, North Wales and The Lake District await. With wide scenic landscapes and luxury City life found in urbane Manchester, this region attracts both companies and assignees from far and wide. As well as this, Manchester has been identified as the second best city in the UK to relocate a business into and offers a great alternative to the business districts in London

Companies have relocated to Scotland for many years. The Capital city of Edingburgh is rich in global appeal and offers a thriving financial services centre. For the assignee a diverse, yet sort after combination of life is offered with access to small villages and nearby large cities such as Glasgow and Iverness