Scotland Relocation

Companies have used Scotland relocation strategies for many years. The capital city of Edinburgh has global appeal and a thriving financial services centre. The oil and gas industry continue to drive business relocation moves to Aberdeen and Inverness.

For the employee relocating Scotland presents a diverse yet sort after combination of life, from the small villages such as Gretna Green and Roslin to the large cities of Glasgow, Inverness and the capital Edinburgh, making it an asset to those looking to relocate. With five main international airports which together serve 150 international destinations, travelling is not an issue along with a strong rail service which connects between major cities and towns.

With a growing population of 5.25 million, the property market follows a similar pattern to that of the rest of the UK with investment opportunities continuing to arise.

There are 15 universities in Scotland, some being the oldest in the world and ranked amongst the best in the UK along with their education system, which is highly regarded.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s Scotland experienced significant de-industrialisation causing a shift predominantly from a manufacturing economy to a more service oriented one. The focal financial service centre of Scotland is in Edinburgh and currently is the sixth largest in Europe with regards to the asset values. Some of the largest finance firms are based in the City including Lloyds Banking Group, Halifax Bank of Scotland and the Royal bank of Scotland. Such organisation choosing to relocate into Scotland has triggered further financial services based firms to also relocate into Scotland creating business clusters surrounding Edinburgh.

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