Relocation Strategy

Ensuring a company relocation strategy is based on accurate and relevant information and is essential for any organisation using global mobility as a source of competitive advantage.

The success of company relocation programmes heavily rely on carefully considered strategies which taken into account a wide range of issues ranging from assignee profiles, relocation destinations, HR polices, cross cultural differences and corporate ambitions.

Accent Relocation is able to skilfully guide and advice clients on suitable relocation polices that will assist them in developing a considered strategy based on key information and thorough research.

A number of services are available to corporate clients wishing to formulate the correct strategy and these include: 

Housing cost disparity reports

In both global and domestic relocations housing cost disparity reports provide essential information to guide and assist key decision makers.

As part of the strategic evaluation process of the cost of a corporate relocation, we provide expert insight and analysis into the projected disparity between housing costs, of an Assignee’s current and future location. This helps clients to form cost effective yet fair polices and provide relocation and housing allowances supported by the latest factual evidence.

Relocation policy consultation

Aligning corporate objectives with those of the Assignee is key to a successful relocation and global mobility policy. Accent’s corporate relocation services are delivered by consultants with over 20 years’ experience of formulating and implementing polices that meet stakeholders’ requirements.

Establishing and updating a relocation policy can be overlooked by companies, but in essence it should be the starting point to ensure the costs associated with relocation are well known, managed and expected.

Important factors to consider in context to relocation policy include:

  • Has a company grown and fundamentally changed since an original policy was created?
  • Is the relocation policy aligned to the current cost of living in the country it applies to?
  • Is there a annual review process in place and what key data is being benchmarked to verify the validity of the policy?

Our approach to creating an effective relocation policy is a consultative one. No two corporations have identical needs. We carefully evaluate a client’s corporate culture, commercial objectives, employee profiles, technical requirements, envisaged assignments terms and financial restrictions, to ensure that policy advice meets their company’s unique requirements.