Relocation to Norwich

For companies considering a Relocation to Norwich, this city with a well established reputation for insurance and financial services would position a company in the middle of a historically strong commercial area. Norwich Relocation could be endlessly beneficial for a business looking to find a distinctive location with numerous opportunities. The city is the regional administrative centre of Norfolk, with a truly unique location, one can discover the contrasts of one of the most scenic counties in the UK. Relocating to Norwich will place a business in an environment unlike any other in the UK. In the midst of masses of open countryside with easy access to the Norfolk Broads, Norwich city offers a vibrant alternative to its peaceful surroundings.

Once home to one of the UK’s largest industrial economies the city is now known for its insurance and financial service sectors. One of the UK’s oldest and largest insurance companies, Aviva, formerly Norwich Union, have used Norwich as their headquarters since being established, from there they have grown into a multinational company covering Europe, Asia, North America and Australia.

With a wide range of schooling on offer, Norwich provides employees relocating with children a wealth of choice, from independent schools such as Norwich School and Norwich High School for Girls to exceptional state schools including Framingham Earl and Notre Dame High School there are suitable establishments to match varying needs. In terms of transport there’s no end of options available for commuters, along with an outstanding bus service, Norwich has its own international airport, regular train services and main roads connecting the city with Cambridge, Peterborough and Ipswich. Within the city there’s a multitude of things to do, Norwich Castle is a popular attraction, there’s also a number of tours available from walking tours and city sightseeing tours by bus to relaxing river cruises offering a different viewpoint of the impressive Cathedral. Norwich also offers fantastic prospects for shoppers, listed as one of the top 10 shopping locations in the UK, the mixture of high street stores, local markets, independent boutiques and designer brands ensures anything and everything can be found in the city streets.

Norwich has a multitude of excellent residential areas, with fantastic detached Victorian housing scattered around the famed Golden Triangle, stylish central apartments along the Riverside area and plenty of quality properties in both the university and cathedral areas, Norwich can provide relocating employees with appropriate housing to match any criteria.

Norwich has the credentials to supply a company with a unique location and lucrative opportunities, especially for businesses operating in the insurance and financial service sectors. Finding the perfect location in Norwich is crucial to guaranteeing that relocating to the city is successful, Accent Relocation’s experts can assist a business and its staff through every stage of the relocation process, providing the most suited services to match individual needs. Accent Relocation understand that every company or assignee will have unique specifications for relocation and to better adapt to each individual assignment, we offer a wide variety of relocation services and can develop tailored packages to suit specific needs. The following relocation services are regularly incorporated in our inclusive relocation package:

To enable us to adapt to more challenging requests we are also able to further modify our relocation packages by offering the following services:

Ensuring that all our clients are provided with the best possible service, Accent Relocation are committed to make sure that all relocated staff are familiarised and comforted into their new homes and that companies receive the most appropriate help for their specific relocation needs.

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