Relocation to Manchester

A Relocation to Manchester would place a business at the heart of a vibrant cosmopolitan city, with an expanding reputation in a number of industry sectors, Manchester has a lot to offer a company and its staff. Manchester Relocation is becoming a common trend amongst businesses, often hidden behind the shadow of London, it’s easily forgotten as one of the largest and most successful cities in the UK. Relocating to Manchester presents an endless amount of opportunities; from the arts scene, to the field of sports, to the education and business world.

The business centre in Manchester is thriving, with many organisations choosing the location as the next best alternative to London. Manchester’s reputation in the business world already appeals as a safe investment. Historically, Manchester has been a leading centre for manufacturing since the industrial revolution however over recent years, whilst manufacturing has continued, the city’s economy has become increasingly dependent on service based industries, with life science industries, professional services and creative media sectors at the forefront of this.

With top class independent schools including Manchester Grammar and Withington Girls School, Manchester offers staff relocating with children some of the finest education facilities that the UK has to offer. It is also credited for its accessible location, known as the ‘gateway to the north west’, Manchester provides great transport services in and around the city, along with efficient connections to other cities in the UK. Major road connections permit travel to the north east, south west, south east and further into the north west with trouble-free access. The fast train connections to Liverpool, London, Leeds, Birmingham and Bristol supply vast opportunities to not only the business member of the family, but also those willing to explore what the rest of the UK has to offer.

The City of Manchester is perhaps most well-known for the football teams Manchester United and Manchester City who have contributed significantly to the local economy by attracting many tourists and lifelong supporters to the area. Football is just one of the major sports in Manchester, with Old Trafford Cricket Ground, the Manchester Velodrome and the aquatics centre also attracting a number of sports men and women to the area.

Whilst Manchester is home to a lively and cosmopolitan city centre, escaping to the suburbs of the city opens up wide beautiful landscapes into the Derbyshire and Cheshire countryside. The suburbs and surrounding towns and villages also offer property alternatives from the tall, modern apartment blocks and attractive town houses, to cosy country cottages and beautiful old brick housing full of individual character. The local transport, whether using trams, buses or rail links to Manchester city centre allows surrounding areas such as Altrincham, Stockport and Rochdale to be top areas of consideration for employees when relocating to Manchester.

If a company is looking for the perfect business opportunity, Manchester will continue to exceed expectations and provide the perfect location, particularly for companies working within the financial service, media and communications and life science industries. However it is imperative that the most suitable location is found, Accent Relocation can assist businesses and their staff during the relocation process by providing a varied assortment of relocation services. The following relocation services are regularly integrated into our complete relocation package:

Understanding that each individual business will have their own unique specifications when it comes to relocating, Accent Relocation also offer the following services to assist companies with more complex requirements:

Accent Relocation are devoted to providing outstanding customer service to all of our clients, ensuring that they receive the most suited relocation services, we repeatedly outperform expectations and make sure that all relocated staff given the best welcome and introduction to their new way of life.

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