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Central to all relocation services is a successful Home search to assist in finding the right property; one where the Assignee enjoys living and feels comfortable and secure. Accent Relocation consultants are one of the UK’s leading and most experienced property search teams. Each search is approached with a high level of planning and logic, and delivered by professionals who support and guide an assignee through the entire home search process.

Accent works closely with Assignees to make sure that all their needs are met, at the same time keeping the corporate clients informed.

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Accent Home Relocation

Accent home search relocation service includes:

  • Needs analysis: detailed discussions take place before assignees arrive to fully understand their needs and preferences
  • UK housing market information
  • Welcome pack: includes maps, local information, guide books, UK information on driving, banking, health care and information specific to the assignee’s requirements
  • Detailed market evaluation to identify suitable properties and create an itinerary for a property tour
  • Accompanied viewings showing a wide selection of properties each day, giving a cross section of property types and neighbourhoods
  • Detailed checklists for each property reviewed
  • Advice on pros and cons of each short-listed property
  • Negotiation of lease terms, advice on legal compliance and oversight of the preparation of the lease
  • Inventory and check in: we arrange for these to be carried out together with the transferring of utilities and give advice on telephone and internet service providers