South East England

Benefiting from the location not far from the Olympic Park; the counties of Kent, Essex and Hertfordshire attract many commuters and those that desire to be in the countryside yet close to the city bustle of London. A new high speed rail network in Kentenables those in the south east a fast and efficient journey into London and other major cities.

The countryside villages in the south east offer quintessentially English landscapes and a range of properties including a period property in Kent or a thatched cottage in Lavenham.

The south east of England has often found itself not far behind London’s economy statistics as well as well above the UK national average for figures such as GDP per capita. The technology industry and NHS health care are two of the biggest business providers in the region and are aided by the location of the regions international airport at Gatwick. Fourteen universities are located in the south east region, along with a great number of reputable schooling that offers a range of opportunities at GCSE, A Level and Degree level.

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