Relocation to Reading

A Relocation to Reading would place a company in a city with an increasing reputation as the UK’s leading IT and technology centre, and would provide a business and its employees with an extensive range of opportunities. Reading relocation provides a suitable alternative for those looking to move within striking distance of London. Relocating to Reading would provide an enviable location, situated at the heart of the Thames Valley and only an hour away from London, with easy access to the beautiful English southern counties as well, Reading offers a fantastically vibrant place to live.

Home to large number of IT firms, Reading has developed a reputation as Europe’s ‘Silicon Valley’, with companies such as Microsoft and Vodafone based locally, the city continues to attract more and more companies from the IT and technology sectors each year. A handful of businesses have already taken advantage of Reading’s convenient location, Microsoft use the city as their UK headquarters, from there they have developed their UK offices to cover numerous cities, including London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Cambridge. Other multinational companies situated in Reading city centre and its nearby Thames Valley Park include the BG Group, Oracle and the ING Group, all of whom contribute to Readings growing reputation as an international business centre.

Situated directly on the Great Western railway line and M4 motorway, as well as being a mere half an hour away from one of the world’s largest international airports, Reading provides easy access to a wide number of other locations. There are however, plenty of things to do within the city itself, Reading is host to the UK’s second largest music festival and has a diverse and exciting nightlife, the city also offers popular shopping areas such as The Oracle and Broad Street Mall. With a culturally diverse feel and relaxing ambiance, Reading is a popular destination for shoppers and a magnet for successful international businesses, attracting buyers from around the world Reading has the largest Barbadian population outside of Barbados and a strong Asian and Eastern European community.

Whether one is looking for a spacious retreat in one of the quiet suburbs or a stylish town house in the city centre, Reading has a diverse range of residential areas available, from the sophisticated streets of Caversham to the vibrant university area, Reading has the capacity to match any search criteria.

If the correct location in Reading is found, this well situated city can provide a business with steady foundations for development and allow a company to grow, particularly for companies operating within the technology and IT industries. Accent Relocation are able to help businesses and employees looking to relocate through every step of the process. Knowing that each company will have a different set of requirements, we are able to offer a wide range of relocation services and can develop customised packages to cater to varying needs. Relocation services that are frequently incorporated in our comprehensive relocation package include:

For companies with more specific search requirements, we are also able to further personalise our relocation packages by providing the following services:

Accent Relocation consistently go the extra mile to ensure that excellent service is given to all clients, ensuring that the most appropriate services are included in each individual package to cater for varying individual requirements and that relocated staff are made welcome and familiar with their new way of life.

For more information about how we can help your business and its staff relocate to Reading Contact Accent Relocation.