Corporate Relocation Solutions

Accent Relocation provides corporate relocation solutions and services that meet the needs and demands of corporate clients wishing to relocate employees, both into the UK and across the world. Our relocation services are designed to provide flexible options which can be integrated around the specific needs of each client and assignment. These services are specifically focused toward the need of each relocation assignment.

Our corporate relocation solutions are designed to be used at a more strategic level by clients, rather than just by assignment. These services provide intelligent solutions not only to the creation of an appropriate framework and policy to operate successful relocation assignments, but also assist clients in dealing with a number of key issues that fall outside the parameter of each relocation assignment such as vacant property, assignment planning, repatriation, policy reviews and performance benchmarking.

Accent Relocation are able to support clients in a number of ways by using a bespoke programme of corporate relocation solutions, which may include some of the following services:

Group and company relocation

To gain a competitive advantage through relocating a group or whole company, expert guidance and knowledge is essential to ensure that management teams make correct judgements. Our corporate relocation services include advice at this strategic level.

Accent Relocation’s advisors have the resources and experience to ensure that volume relocations of this type are methodically planned and executed to the highest standard. Our group move relocations services typically include:

  • Evaluation of corporate goals, timescales, underlying strategic motivations
  • Analysis of ‘best fit’ locations and options with detailed local information
  • Reconnaissance visits
  • Preparation of a relocation logistics plan
  • Cost management
  • Programme implementation

Vacant property reporting

Reporting on a property that has become vacant is essential for companies that have assumed contractual liability for the maintenance of a property. We are able to assist with property checks, producing reports from weekly inspections, covering:

  • Security breaches
  • Rubbish build up
  • Water leaks
  • General maintenance issues

We can coordinate garden maintenance, cleaning, junk mail removal, and attend to any emergency issues. A comprehensive report summary is sent to the client after each inspection.

Departure services

In order to ensure that the end of a relocation assignment is concluded quickly and efficiently, departure services are recommended to ensure procedures are adhered to and the appropriate support, skill and advice is made available to an Assignee about to be repatriated.

Accent Relocation guides each Assignee through the mandatory processes such as lease termination and closing utility services. We provide advice and negotiate between the tenant and the landlord regarding dilapidations management and maximising deposit refunds. We work from our own inventories and coordinate the safe return of agreed deposit amounts.